Republicans have not yet lost the House! The media has projected the Democrats as the winners, but they also project that Biden is our next President. We can’t give up! We are within a handful of seats to take back the US House for 2020. Not 2022, but NOW. 

Many of us believe that President Trump absolutely won this election in a historic landslide, and that it will be proven. People would not vote for President Trump and then go down the ballot and vote for a Democrat for US House. We saw rallies across America supporting our President including in California. As reported by The Daily Wire, Cook Political had 27 Races listed as Toss up for 2020. The GOP won ALL 27. The momentum is on our side!

We have had 207 races called for us by the Associated Press, and others have us at 212. We are ahead in 1 remaining uncalled race for NY 22, which will give us 213, leaving us short by just 5 seats to get to a 218 majority.

222 seats have been projected as wins for the Democrats. 16 of these races are in the 3% point range, and are therefore good possibilities to have been wrongly projected as Democrat wins. They are listed in order of points. All were won by Trump in 2016 but held blue in 2018 with the exception of GA 07, TX 07, PA 08 and WA 08.  A total of 9 of these races are in states where lawsuits have been filed for voter fraud.

  • NJ 07 – 1.2%
  • IA 03 – 1.4%
  • IL 14 – 1.4%
  • VA 07 – 1.8%
  • PA 17 – 2%
  • MN 02 – 2.2%
  • MI 11 – 2.4%
  • WI 03 – 2.6%
  • GA 07 – 2.8%
  • NV 03 – 3.0%
  • AZ 01 – 3.2%
  • TX 07 – 3.3%
  • PA 08 – 3.6%
  • WA 08 – 3.6%
  • MI 08 – 3.6%
  • PA 07 – 3.8% 

We KNOW that cheating occurred at the Presidential level in 2020. We also know that President Trump has received more votes from historically Democrat voting groups including black and hispanics than any other Republican in the last 60 years. The loss of our House in 2018 made zero sense, given the accomplishments of the Trump Administration in the first 2 years. On top of the closely called races, with the nationwide walkaway movement away from the Democrat party, the overwhelming number of Independents and Democrats attending Trump rallies, and the grassroots rallies and parades across the country, it is not out of reach to believe that we really won many more seats. Even seats that have been held by Democrats for decades could likely have flipped in 2020. Several seats closed the gap from percentages as high as 22 points for the Democrat to come within 3%-7% this year including OR 04, IL 17 and WI 03.

We just need to fight for 5 seats that have been projected as Democrat wins by small margins. Then, we have the White House, the US Senate and the US House. MAGA!

Yes, We Can Still Flip The US House RED in 2020!