Evidence of cheating in the 2020 Presidential Election was captured on camera in real time. Thousands of sworn, signed affidavits were gathered. Top political and statistical analysts have documented the impossibility that the election count was accurate. Yet, the anti-American media denies that voter fraud is real. Headlines scold and belittle anyone who speaks out. The First Amendment rights of millions of Americans have literaly been stripped away as Big Tech bans and removes content that doesn’t fit their narrative.

We should be celebrating a historical landslide win for the strongest, most accomplished President that we have ever had. Instead we are enduring vicious, malicious mistreatment. Many among us are weary. Our nerves are frazzled, our spirits are downcast and we feel utterly depleted. But we are not giving up or giving in. We will never abandon our freedoms and our laws that protect our rights as US citizens. We stand with President Trump, fighting alongside him to battle the current, extreme corruption. He may not be in office, but he is still our leader. We will never concede to the lawlessness, the cheating and the outright refusal to follow our Constitution. America is sick of being trampled on, abused and disrespected by the deviant haters among us.

We must have fair elections and freedom of speech or we will no longer have a country. We must have a transparent, reliable Voter ID mandate moving forward. The massive mailing out of absentee ballots is, as President Trump said “a national disgrace, and no other country operates this way. Out of 42 other voting countries, only 2 allow absentee ballots, and only with strict reasoning and strong identification and verification in place.” No conceivable reason exists against guaranteeing fair and lawful elections outside of the intent to commit fraud. We also need to join together in forming our own platforms for communication so that our voices are not silenced.