Addressing 2020 Voter Fraud

President Trump was very calm, cool and confident in his 12/02/20 update on voter fraud. A key statement he made was that in order for us to understand how we deal with this 2020 election travesty, we must understand the mail-in ballot challenge first. He went into detail reminding us of the mass mailings of ballots and ballot applications prior to November 3rd. I think that when he says we need to understand the mail-in ballot challenge, he means that his team is legally challenging the mail-in ballots themselves. Not legally processed absentee ballots, but the ones that came in with no signature verification or past the deadline. Everything else – the blocking of observers, the pre-dating, the machines switching votes, etc., is in addition to challenging the act of sending out the ballots in the first place. As he has repeatedly stated, millions and millions of ballots were sent out all over the country, allowing anyone to get a ballot and cast a vote with no ID, no proof of residency or eligibility, or even citizenship. 

  1. Illegal votes will be discounted – Any state election law changes that were made for the 2020 Election that did not include the state legislation were unlawful. These changes include mass sending of ballots or applications for ballots to all persons listed on all voter rolls without those ballots being requested by legally eligible citizens, waiving the requirement for witness verification to signatures, changing deadlines for ballots postmarked or received and changing the handling processes for ballot drop off, handling and transporting. Any anti-constitutional ballot counting process will render those ballots as unlawful including the absence or removal of outer envelopes, ballots arriving after the deadline and the prevention of poll watchers to observe the counting. President Trump is calling for the auditing of ballots, specifically in signature verification. Recounting only compounds the fraud, he says, what we must do is have a full, forensic audit of the signatures on the envelopes. We have the proof with hundreds of thousands more votes than we need to immediately overturn the swing states.
  1. Legally cast votes will remain – Once the illegal votes are removed, President Trump easily wins the swing states with the remaining number of legally cast votes, as he did on Election night, giving him the overall win for President.
  1. The swing states will adjust the results – Once the proof is shown in our court of law that election procedures were, according to their own constitutions, conducted unlawfully, states will have to throw out all of the illegal votes. The remaining legal votes go to the rightful winner, President Trump.
  1. The rightful winner will be declared – President Trump said that there is plenty of time to declare the rightful winner. He does not think that a re-vote is appropriate (necessary).
  2. President Trump will be inaugurated for his second term on January 20, 2021 – He said that he believes that what he is doing right now to safeguard the integrity of our elections is his single greatest accomplishment as President.

President Trump outlined a very minimal path to victory. He didn’t mention Martial Law, or Certification being a death sentence, or relying on lower court decisions. He did say that he thinks the Supreme Court will see his legal team’s evidence. He basically said that he won, it’s obvious that he won, and that we have way more evidence than what we need to prove that the vote count gives us the victory.

We have to root out the corruption that took place in 2020 or we will no longer have a country. We must have a transparent, reliable Voter ID mandate moving forward. President Trump said that the massive mailing out of absentee ballots is a national disgrace, and that no other country operates this way. Out of 42 other voting countries, only 2 allowed absentee ballots, and only with strict reasoning and strong identification and verification in place. No conceivable reason exists against guaranteeing fair and lawful elections outside of the intent to commit fraud.

Two additional points that President Trump made in his remarks are worth noting. First, he said that sadly some Republicans have essentially disappeared (are silent) in regards to the rampant corruption being exposed. He said that the reason why is because they have been beaten down and disparaged, threatened by Democrats with impeachment and worse. He said that the assaults he has endured since he declared his intent to run for office are like living in hell. Second, he acknowledged the frustration of lack of consequences for crimes committed by the deep state. He said that the hardest thing he has to explain is why nothing is happening to those who got caught.

Addressing 2020 Voter Fraud

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